by ThePeopleIHaveSleptWith

” Let’s have a threesome?,” he said as I sipped my beer. I have to assume I uncontrollably rolled my eyes. ” Me, you and ( let’s call him ) Tom. ” ..Okay he caught my attention. Tom was the last name I expected to come out of his mouth, actually any male name would have been just as shocking. I have to admit later that night I did contemplate the idea. He wasn’t my boyfriend… this was just about sex… but did I really want to? How would it even work!? As I day dreamed about the perfect threesome scenario, involving James Franco, I couldn’t help but wonder why he would even want that. No, not why he would want to share me.. But how he could be turned on by the idea of another man. Was he just that confident with his sexuality? He was a freak, my favorite thing about him, but this crossed the line. I couldn’t do it.

A week and five beers later I found myself in his bedroom. Who was I to judge what turns him on? It wasn’t going to happen… with me at least.. but to each is own.  He started by kissing my neck and slowly made his way downstairs. “I can’t wait to share you,” he whispered. IGNORE IT, IGNORE IT. I fought the urge to stop him, he was about to go down on me.. I’m only human. I spent the entire time he was inside me praying that he wouldn’t bring it up again.. unfortunately he did. I looked away as he described to me how it would work. Let’s just say it sounded pretty painful. Even if I hadn’t already decided not to.. my answer was definitely no now. Maybe I’m alone here but… one penis inside of me is enough.